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Welcome to Tambourine Studios in Malmö, Sweden!

With commitment and enthusiasm, we work with global stars and local talent.

Tambourine Studios has a 30 year history of helping bands, artists, record labels, film makers and digital media developers reach their visions of the right sound, the right song, the right beat, the right chord, the right phrase, and the right mood.

Our job description varies alot from one project to another. Sometimes we just hand over the keys to our ship-shape studio facilities and stay away. Other times our talented in-house crew is hired to help with engineering, producing, mixing or "just" backing up with a proficiancy in many styles and on many instruments. In addition, we can help with cooling down nerves, or encouraging you to have another go. We'll help with getting over those common obstacles, like writers block or even knowing when to stop! All of this while smiling and keeping the process moving forward towards the final goal.

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